What are we about?

Behavioural science is increasingly used to inform the way we understand people - but also to develop the means to encourage positive (hopefully) outcomes. Of course there are many lens we can use for these ends but behavioural science is the one we are using here.

But what is behavioural science?

All too often the discipline is seen in quite a narrow way - referencing a small proportion of the social science literature. We pull on a wide range of different places - although you will notice that some themes keep popping up! Simply put, we draw on the social science (and philosophy) literature to understand human behaviour and consider ways we can grapple some of the profound challenges facing us today.

Our own personal views

We do have day jobs as behavioural scientists and our practice is informed by our writing - but we have to be clear that these do not formally represent the views of our employers.

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Applying Behavioural Science