Governments and brands want our trust but it is not a one way street - it has to be earnt and can easily by lost
The reasons why some technology such as Chat GPT catch fire whilst others fall by the wayside means shifting our focus from the tech itself to the users

February 2023

Our susceptibility to being duped is plain for us all to see: but perhaps we have little choice if we are to operate effectively
The psychology of naturalness is at the heart of a debate about plant-based food
Navigating naturalness Listen now (10 min) | We asked a bunch of people what they considered to be natural including leading expert Paul Rozin
Michael Hall of BIT takes task with Chater and Lowenstein’s representation of behavioural science practice: but we argue there is still a case to answer

January 2023

Learning by doing rather than telling is not new: but this era of instability means we need to give it a renewed focus
There seems to be a rash of films critical of wealthy lifestyles: we consider cost-of-living rises may be sparking challenges to notions of fairness
Our annual ‘prediction’ of the big issues shaping the world, through a behavioural lens.

December 2022

2023 looks set to herald in an era of 'New Behavioural Science' as recognition of the way societal ecosystems shape behaviour moves centre stage
Laura de Moliere on why taking a behavioural science lens to psychological safety is critical for effective execution

November 2022

We explore how responses to the World Cup are leading to important questions about the way brands and customers engage with political debate